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AeT Italia - Bidet SQUARE S572


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SQUARE Wall-hung bidet

All avaiblable SKU'S for this product

  • Gloss White: S572T1R1V1-100
  • Matte White: S572T1R1V1-101
  • Gloss Black: S572T1R1V1-104
  • Matte Black: S572T1R1V1-105
  • Matte Chocolate: S572T1R1V1/107
  • Glossy Orange: S572T1R1V1/114
  • Matte Grey: S572T1R1V1/116
  • Glossy Green Olive: S572T1R1V1/121
  • Glossy Red: S572T1R1V1/125
  • Matte Grey Dove: S572T1R1V1/130
  • Matte Beige: S572T1R1V1/131
  • Matte Mustard: S572T1R1V1/132
  • Matte Italian Sand: S572T1R1V1/133
  • Blue Heavenly: S572T1R1V1/140
  • Egg Blue: S572T1R1V1/141
  • Matte Pink: S572T1R1V1/142
  • Matte Dark Green: S572T1R1V1/143
  • Marbled On Glossy White: S572T1R1V1/480
  • Marbled On Matte White: S572T1R1V1/481
  • Marbled On Glossy Black: S572T1R1V1/482
  • Marbled On Matte Black: S572T1R1V1/483
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