About Linki Italia

Linki srl was born from the idea to create innovative taps series that join design and practice for an every-day use of the tap. Participation of AeT Italia, known in the international market for its quality and originality in its products, takes its features in faucets, with innovative ideas, new forms and environmentally-friendly materials.

Each Linki product is thought to give customer great style and emotional contains, on an incomparable quality level. The marerials that are used represents the excellence in quality and durability, in respect of both environment and eco-sustainability. The prevalent material in all Linki series of taps is stainless steel AISI 304 and 316, well known for the resistance against corrosion, ease in cleaning, and excellent hygienical coefficient. Moreover, working process are made by automatic control centres, where test and assembly process are the handcrafted part of the production.