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_Over 35 years of true made in Italy
Founded in the 80s, Azzurra slowly developed two parallel paths to reinforce its competitiveness: on one hand, concentrating on aspects of research and design, ensuring the continuous rise of the product’s aesthetic appeal and quality.

The furniture district is an Italian excellence recognised all over the world for its ability to create unique pieces and at the same time, highly industrialised and innovative furniture.

_Bathroom culture
The culture of the bathroom as a living space: this is the element that distinguishes Azzurra Group. From the early hours of the morning to the evening, our commitment aims at improving the quality of the most intimate room in your home. Comfortable, precious, welcoming, practical, functional, gratifying, spectacular. The Azzurra Group bathroom follows any need each of us wishes to satisfy. Every detail expresses a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

TEAM _A team united
in its actions and values
The numbers are "the figure" as quantification, evidence of a path that the company has been able to build together with its close-knit and motivated team of over 200 professionals including designers, technicians, production, customer service and marketing staff, agents and sales coordinators. A company in which the quality of the product is integrated with research and innovation that became possible with the transition to Industry 4.0, a flagship that guarantees the traceability of each production step from order to delivery.

QUALITY _More and more eco-friendly
Today, more than ever, the quality of a product and of a company cannot disregard respect for the environment and for resources. Starting from the research of materials, through the entire production process, each element is worked according to criteria of sustainability, energy saving and healthiness of the workplace, respecting the strictest European regulations.
__ CARB2 - E1
Use of panels complying with the strictest
regulations on formaldehyde emission limits.
__ FSC
Use of FSC certified panels for forest
management and control of wood origin.
__ Recycling
We use 100% recyclable packaging to protect
our products.
__ Environment
We respect the environment by using
water-based paints

QUALITY _Quality and safety
The safety of a product is synonymous to quality. Starting from the choice of the raw materials, for the whole production, each element is worked according to the most stringent European regulations in order to offer safe and long-lasting compositions. Azzurra Group does its utmost to ensure that each of its proposals is able to perform its function over time.
__ CATAS Member
Greater attention is paid to the quality and safety of
products placed on the market with strict tests carried out in accordance to the European standards.
__ Quality
Azzurra Group does its utmost to ensure
that each of its proposals is able to perform
its function in time, always guaranteeing
the highest quality.
__ Waterproof
Water-repellent panel V100 - P3 - P5 made
of chopped and pressed wood particles
with resins with low formaldehyde content
and resistant to humidity and steam.
__ Safety
Use of lighting components with IP44 protection
__ EAC
The EAC certificate of conformity certifies that
the products comply with the Technical Regulations
of the Eurasian Economic Community.
The product to which it is applied complies
with the regulations in force within the European

WARRANTY _30 months warranty
AZZURRA covers all risks of defects in materials and product manufacture. Despite the extreme care taken in design and in the entire manufacturing process, the company guarantees its customers against any cases of quality anomalies. For this reason, all Azzurra Group products are covered by a 30-month warranty on the risks of breakage due to faulty materials or defects in the manufacturing and assembly phases of the elements. Improper use of the products is not covered by guarantee.