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AeT Italia - Porcelain Sink OVAL BASIN L280


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OVAL BASIN - Counter top washbasin with overflow without tap hole

All avaiblable SKU'S for this product

  • Glossy White: L280T2R0V0-100SW
  • Matte White: L280T2R0V0-100SW-2
  • Glossy Black: L280T2R0V0-100SW-3
  • Matte Black: L280T2R0V0-100SW-4
  • Matte Grey: L280T2R0V0-100SW-5
  • Marbled On Glossy White: L280T2R0V0-100SW-6
  • Marbled On Matte White: L280T2R0V0-100SW-7
  • Marbled On Glossy Black: L280T2R0V0-100SW-8
  • MArbled On Matte Black: L280T2R0V0-100SW-9
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