Azzurra by Pierdeco Warranty

Azzurra by Pierdeco products are guaranteed against production defects under normal conditions of use, care and maintenance for a limited time. The limited warranty applies only on products purchased from an authorized dealer. It is limited to the original purchaser and original installation. It is not transferable and is limited to products sold and installed in Canada. 
GENERAL products
Azzurra group srl will guarantee their product line up for five (5) years after original date of purchase. This includes vanities and porcelain sinks.
Azzurra products and parts are guaranteed for two (2) years when used in commercial or industrial applications.
Scratches, scuffs and other damages due to transport and/or manipulation are not covered by this warranty. The normal wear and tear of any finish is not covered by the warranty. Normal wear and tear is the expected decline in the condition of a product or finish due to normal everyday use. We highly recommend carefully reading the maintenance detailed instructions in the user manual of the product.
Pierdeco Design Inc. will provide parts, repair or replace, at his own discretion, during the applicable warranty periods listed above, any product, part or finish that is proven defective under normal installation, and conditions. Replacement parts for discontinued products will be made available, under warranty or not, until stock lasts. Under the warranty period of the product, if the required replacement product, part or finish is no longer available, an equivalence will be provided, free of charge.
Any damage caused by inadequate manipulation, installation or lack of care and maintenance of a product is not covered by the warranty. Finish damage caused from the use of abrasive products and/or unproper manipulation or maintenance products; Corrosion and/or finish alteration caused by an exposure to chemicals, such as chlorine, ammonia…, etc; Damage caused by hard water, calcareous deposits or sediments are not covered by the warranty. Any labor, shipping charges, or damages whatsoever incurred from installation, removal, re-installation, repair or replacement of any Salgar product or part, as well as any incidental or consequential damages, expenses, losses, direct or indirect, arising from any cause whatsoever are not covered by the warranty.
To claim any defect and/or for any replacement part demand, complete the web service form at Any warranty claim must include the original proof of purchase of the product and pictures/video of the actual claiming issue. Pierdeco Design Inc. is given the exclusive right to accept or reject any demand if the necessary information is not provided. Pierdeco Design Inc. is the official Salgar distributor for North America.